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Locomotion - The Amazing World of Trains ~ DVD
Locomotion - The Amazing World of Trains

Logging Railroads - Modeling the Prototype ~ DVD
Locomotion - The Amazing World of Trains

Marias Pass ~ Marias Pass

"One of the most spectacular portions of BNSF's trans- continental mainline is Marias Pass. The line climbs the rugged Rocky Mountains through some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States. Machines of Iron traveled from Whitefish, Montana through the Aspen forests and along the banks of the Flathead River. The weather in Marias is unpredictable and we see it all in this video from bright sunshine to rain and to snow. Trestles, tunnels, high ridges, and natural wonders make this video a must for anyone's collection"

McCloud Railway ~ McCloud Railway

"Located in Northern California in the shadow of Mount Shasta, the McCloud Railway's busy freight operation carries lumber and lumber products in this heavily forested area. But there's more. A steam excursion, running year round, makes this a popular tourist railroad as well."

Midwest Challenger ( Union Pacific 3985) Midwest Challenger ( Union Pacific 3985)

"Union Pacific's Challenger 3985 is the biggest operating steam engine in the world. Here we get to see 3985 on a Union Pacific special between Cheyenne, Wyoming and Saint Paul, Minnesota in September, 2008. You'll see this impressive, massive locomotive storming Archer Hill, along the triple track, a spirited departure from North Platte, and along the rails towards Saint Paul. Includes a cab tour."

Northwestern Pacific - Volume 1
"The Northwestern Pacific has served as an important rail link in Northern California since 1907. After a brief absence during which the California Northern ran on the line from Willits to Schellville, the Northwestern Pacific made a comeback in the Summer of 1996.  ...  In Volume One, we'll explore the southern portion of the line, from Willits to Schellville, where trains traverse steep grades and glide through pastoral landscapes. See the last California Northern train that serviced this area, as well as the reappearance of the famous Black Widow color-scheme on the Northwestern Pacific.

Ohio Steam Spectacular  ~ DVD
Ohio Steam Spectacular
"In 2002, the Ohio Central Railroad sponsored some photo specials that were the first for former Grand Trunk Railway 4-8-4 #6325. In June, the big 4-8-4 sported the Grand Trunk front Number Plates, and authentic logo on the tender sides, for the first time in over 40 years."

On the Road With Frisco 1522 ~ DVD
On the Road With Frisco 1522

Otto Perry's Moffat Route Otto Perry's Moffat Route
"In Otto Perry's Moffat Route you will see photographs of the Denver, Northwestern, & Pacific, film from the 1920s of rotary snow plows battling on Rollins Pass. You'll be there for the opening of the Moffat Tunnel and then a look at the steamers of the Denver & Salt Lake Railroad. And finally, you'll move onto the Rio Grande era with steam and diesel freights as well as passenger trains pulled by steam and first generation diesels such as the Exposition Flyer, Prospector, Mountaineer, California Zephyr, Ski Train, and the local train to Craig. 
~ Amazon.com

Otto Perry's Rio Grande San Juan Express ~ DVD  Otto Pery's Rio Grande San Juan Express
"The Denver & Rio Grande Western Narrow Gauge San Juan Express that ran between Alamosa and Durango, Colorado, was a favorite subject for Otto Perry. He photographed and rode this train from 1941 to the end of operation in 1951. Travel over the line with us in all seasons, zigzag across the Colorado & New Mexico border and over Cumbres Pass. As we pass through the small railroad towns of Chama, Monero, Dulce, Navajo, Gato, Ignacio, La Boca, and Florida enjoy the rich Southwestern culture preparing us for arrival in Durango, narrow gauge paradise. An added bonus is rare film from the Rio Grande’s Santa Fe Branch. You will see the narrow gauge mixed train during its last year of operation on the Chili Line in 1941.
"   ~ Amazon.com

Otto Perry's Santa Fe ~ DVD   Otto Perry's Santa Fe
"The Rocky Mountain Railroad Club opens their archives to show you the works of Otto Perry, noted rail photographer of the Rocky Mountain region. Enjoy long gone Santa Fe passenger trains pulled by mighty steam locomotives and classic diesels types including an EM-1, FTs, F3s, F6s, & PAs. All of these diesels are in Warbonnet colors. The Super Chief, the Chief, the El Capitan, the Scout, the Grand Canyon, and the Centennial State trains are featured. Giant wartime 2-8-8-2s steam lcomotives are seen in rare scenes on Raton Pass. There's also plenty of classic Santa Fe steam and diesel locomotives powering freight trains to watch and enjoy." ~ Amazon.com

Poland Adventure ~ DVD Poland Adventure 
"At the turn of the 21th century, the area of Wielkopolska in Western Poland was the home of one of the last regular steam operated railways in the world. Wolzytn is the center of activity, here both steam hauled passenger and freight trains roam the rails on rural lines that radiate from the picturesque village. Join Machines of Iron as we take you line side for a ride past the villages and farms. Experience a ride in the cab of one of the magnificent Polish steam locomotives, and enjoy the disappearing experience of regular steam railroading with Poland Adventure."   ~ Amazon.com
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